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More than just an award-winning frame shop that specializes in fine art framing, Frameworks also enjoys showcasing established and up-and-coming artwork from the local, regional and state-wide art community.

Not only do we take pride in putting your photograph or canvas in a top-quality, hand-built frame, we also relish our role as an art gallery that offers paintings for sale that are sure to complement any home or office.

Some of our featured gallery artists were referred to us, while others were discovered by us alone, but one thing’s for sure: all are unique in their approach, dedicated to their vision, and rightfully proud of their work.

Below you’ll fine examples of our featured artists’ work, as well as a description of them and their approach to painting. Much of the artwork you see on these pages is for sale through our gallery shop in Raleigh, NC. If you see a painting you like, we recommend you act quickly—many of our artists produce one-of-a kind artwork and when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Paul Nikitchenko
Mr. Nikitchenko currently lives in Wilmington, NC. His beautiful paintings can be seen in our gallery.  Please stop in to see our inventory.


Lisa Mathis The process of becoming one of the most well-known and beloved artists in her community, Lisa Mathis has inspired hundreds of adults and children to tap into the “inner-artist” that she truly believes we all possess. While Lisa takes pride in the many blue ribbons and accolades her work has garnered from local and regional art shows, it is through her teaching that she derives much satisfaction. Lisa states, “artists have been so kind to me to share what they have learned and it is my privilege and honor to pass that along to the other artists coming behind me.”


Michelle Snead
Raleigh artist Michelle Snead balances her painting time between commissioned portraits and other works, including landscapes and florals. Portraiture became her passion more than twenty years ago because of her fascination with people of all ages. Though her commissions include distinguished professionals, judges and ministers, she is best known for her sensitive paintings of children, capturing their expressions from innocence to playful exuberance. Snead was a recent finalist in the Portrait Society of America’s tri-state competition, and she keeps a steady backlog of direct commissions and referred projects by her national representative, Portraits South. Between portraits, Snead receives inspiration by setting up her easel outdoors and painting landscapes. Her portrayals of nature are rendered in both oil and pastel and are characterized by vibrant color and expressive brushwork. Her most recent solo show this spring, titled “Nature Unfurled”, was very successful and consisted of approximately fifty paintings. “As an artist I am privileged to present the splendor, the harmony and the mystery of God’s canvas,” she said.


Lloyd Skidmore
The late Lloyd Skidmore was a multi-media Renaissance Man. He recalls painting and drawing among his earliest memories. As a teen, he drove headlong into the music scene as front man for a Georgia rhythm and blues band. And now following an eclectic legacy of restaurants, nightclubs, assorted environments, pageants, parades and other special events, he has come full circle to vent his artistic imagination with the basic tools of paint and canvas. Armed simply with a half-inch brush, he’s declaring war on boredom, drab-ness and mediocrity.


Martha Cristel
Cristel is a self-taught artist that developed her technique through the use of unorthodox tools, including knifes and self made brushes that allow her to create special effects. Martha was born in Lima, Peru in the sixties, and spent most of her life in the capital. She is the sister of another renowned contemporary painter, with whom she shares her professional secrets. Her work evoques the clarity and freshness of a watercolor. Her technique allows her to be prolific; however, she tends to go through “dry periods” quite often. Although she recently started showing in the US, the acceptance of her work has been grandiose.



Yvonne Mora
Yvonne Mora was born in Lima, Peru, in 1959. She graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in 1985 and has held a very active career since. She considers herself an expressionist painter with a strong influence from the masters, Cezanne, Picasso, Van Gogh and Sorolla. A very secure brushstroke and a rigorous composition characterize her expressionism. Her painting is full of color, light and life, according to her. Yvonne Mora has always been known for her independence. She had to struggle during art school because of her originality. Subsequently, she had a hard time with local dealers because of her singular style. But well deserved recognition did not take long to arrive. As soon as art dealers from the United States and Japan began to pay attention to her work, she was in hot demand. Mora claims that her travelling to Japan and the USA has enriched her painting with universal elements that allow her to transcend the barriers of a regional expression. Mora has visited North America several times and affirms she has not seen so much interest in art as in the US.

earth-fragmentsNancy Fitzsimons

In her work she uses many natural substances that give unusual depth and texture to her paintings–seashells, acorns, nutshells, tree bark.

It is her childhood memories of growing up in rural North Carolina that provide the primary fuel for her creative motivation:

“Growing up in a small North Carolina town with lots of wooded areas and small creeks, My friends and I had the wonderful freedom to explore, catch lovely tadpoles and turtles, and discover abandoned bird nests. In the process we often covered ourselves in mud and disgusted our mothers. These experiences gave me a deep and lifelong fascination with nature and her incredible organic variety.”

Nancy does not set out with any preconceived plan for a work. “It more or less unfurls itself,” she says. Color and texture are most important to her. She enjoys working in a medium where she can create and sense with her eyes, fingers and heart.


Whether you’re from Apex, Garner, Fuquay, Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest or elsewhere in the Triangle, see more art and learn why these featured artists rely on Frameworks for all their museum quality framing needs. Call us today at 919.781.3118 to come browse our paintings for sale or to discuss your personalized custom framing project!
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